Monday, April 23, 2018

Fully integrate LTE resources with FIRE

One of the basic priorities of FLEX is to make sure that the LTE testbeds established will not exist as standalone FIRE facilities, but will be functionally incorporated in the FIRE ecosystem. For that purpose, existing FIRE software tools will be used as the basis for development of new, LTE-specific, features. In this way, functional federation with the existing FIRE facilities will be achieved, in the basis of common or fully compatible software frameworks for the control and the experimental plane. Furthermore, connection of the testbeds to the GEANT network will not only interconnect the FLEX testbeds with each other, but also with every other FIRE testbed already connected to GEANT, thereby enabling complex experiments running over multiple facilities.

Federation in FLEX

The three testbeds will be remotely accessible and open to the research community through a portal that will allow user reservations to the different testbeds. Additionally, the testbeds will be interconnected and federated in a way that a user will be able to run experiments that involve multiple testbeds as demonstrated in the figure above. Finally the experimenter will be able to control the resources of the testbeds, to define topologies and scenarios, to run the experiments and to orchestrate detailed measurements through extensions of the control and management framework OMF/OML that will be developed in FLEX.