Monday, April 23, 2018

Commercial Equipment

FLEX project will establish in NITOS and w-iLab.t testbeds setups using commercial equipment. The setup is using LTE small cells provided by ip.access, using an EPC network provided by SiRRAN communications. The network provided will be configurable, thus enabling testing of products that are fully compliant with the LTE and LTE-A releases and directly applicable to the market. This setup will use commercial UEs for accessing the network, which will be fully integrated to the testbed's control and management framework.

The LTE-compatible components at each testbed are:

  • SIRRAN’s LTEnet – Evolved Packet Core [27]: an LTE network that contains all the core elements
    of an LTE Evolved Packet Core and a web management interface for control and configuration of the
    EPC components.




LTE small cell solution by ip.access

  • Ip.access eNodeB solutions: Ip.access provides hardware infrastructure, built on advanced DSP technology that implements the LTE standard. Specifically, eNodeBs are access points that generate a high quality 3G & 4G signal and they use an IP backhaul to communicate with the EPC network. 


 Indicative examples

  • Comparison of a new LTE functionality with the commercial approach.
  • Conducting measurements in an urban environment (macro-cells) or in an indoor setup (pico-cells) of a commercial LTE setup.
  • Experimentation with handoffs between macro-cells, pico-cells or small-cells or heterogeneous handovers between cells of different levels (e.g., macro to pico).
  • Experiments with real mobility in a commercial setup in an every day’s basis (e.g., monitoring the behavior of a multimedia application that runs on Android phones that are carried by volunteers around the campus).