Monday, April 23, 2018

Work Packages

WP1: Project Management

  • Task 1.1 Administrative and overall Management (M1-M36), Task Leader: UTH
  • Task 1.2: Open calls management (M1-M36), Task Leader: UTH

WP2: Establishment of LTE testbed extensions

  • Task 2.1: Specification of integration architecture and requirements analysis (M1-M3), Task Leader: UTH
  • Task 2.2: Extension of testbed infrastructure (M1-M8), Task Leader: UTH
  • Task 2.3: Development of core network API (M4-M36), Task Leader: SIRRAN
  • Task 2.4: Development of access network configuration API (M4-M36), Task Leader: ip.access
  • Task 2.5: Deployment of LTE-specific monitoring tools (M4-M36), Task Leader: EURECOM

WP3: Testbed Management and Experiment Control Tools

  • Task 3.1: Specification of generic use cases and requirements (M1-M6), Task Leader: UTH
  • Task 3.2: Extensions of control and experimental plane testbed tools (M7-M36), Task Leader: UTH
  • Task 3.3: Monitoring methodologies and tools (M7-M36), Task Leader: UTH
  • Task 3.4: Federation of project testbeds (M1-M36), Task Leader: UTH

WP4: Mobility Management

  • Task 4.1: Mobility Scenarios and Use Cases (M1-M4), Task Leader: iMinds
  • Task 4.2: Real Mobility (M5-M36), Task Leader: UTH
  • Task 4.3: Emulated Mobility (M5-M36), Task leader: iMinds
  • Task 4.4: Handover experimentation (M5-M36), Task Leader: EURECOM

WP5: Open Call Activities

  • Task 5.1: 1st Round of Open Call Activities (M9-M28), Task Leader: UTH
  • Task 5.2: 2nd Round of Open Call Activities (M17-M36), Task Leader: iMinds
  • Task 5.3: Support provisioning to Open Call partners (M9-M36), Task Leader: EURECOM
  • Task 5.4: Evaluation of Performed Activities (M9-M36), Task Leader: UTH

WP6: Dissemination and Collaboration

  • Task 6.1: Dissemination plans and activities (M1-M36), Task Leader: EURECOM
  • Task 6.2: Business feasibility Analysis and exploitation of the results (M13-M36), Task Leader: COSMOTE
  • Task 6.3: Standardization activities and liaison to related research activities and initiatives (M1-M36), Task Leader: EURECOM
  • Task 6.4: Organization of events (M1-M36), Task Leader: UTH
  • Task 6.5: Collaboration with GENI (M1-M36) Task Leader: UTH